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1. Objective

In 2016 I joined the band as the second guitarist and after a while it was decided to create a website. He had to have a full translation into English and Russian, and also contain information about the past and future performances of the group, its history. Photos and commenting on past performances were not announced initially, but were welcomed.

2. Result

Website with the following functionality:

  • Responsive design
  • Home page as landing
  • A separate page with past and future gigs
  • A separate page with the history of the group
  • Full translation into Russian and English (even page 404)
  • Connected comment module Cackle, which changes its interface and a list of comments depending on the language of the page

3. Experience

I got an experience with:

  • Grav CMS and it's plugins
  • Twig template engige
  • Markdown markup language
  • Cackle cloud comment module
Main page

Events page

Biography page

Project details

Client: Vladimir Yakovlev

Date: December 23, 2016

Link: http://dissolution.band/en

In the process of choosing a CMS, it was decided to get away from standard solutions like Wordpress and especially Joomla, because they use quite a lot of resources and contain many functions that are not needed on this simple site. Fine-tuning the same Wordpress takes quite a long time. I chose at the time a new Grav CMS for myself, which does not use a database, but writes everything to files. If there are SSDs on the hosting and the PHP cache is enabled, the data is loaded instantly. These pages are stored in Markdown, and are generated using the Twig template.

At the moment the site functions perfectly and is quickly loaded, fully translated into English and Russian. When creating a new event-presentation, it is displayed on the main page of the site, and after the speech has passed, it disappears from there automatically. When adding photos from an event, they automatically create a gallery, and also create thumbnails for viewing and zooming. Comments are downloaded from a separate cloud service Cackle and are not stored on the hosting, the load time of the module is also very fast. I am very pleased with this work.

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