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1. Objective

The airline needed to create an application for random testing of employees for drugs. The sample should have taken place so that in the people already selected in the current period (it is 2 years), the probability of falling into the new group of test subjects was reduced. As a result, for the entire period, all employees will have to pass the test at least once.

2. Result

Web-app with functionality:

  • Authentication system
  • Full CRUD functionality in all tables without page refresh
  • Multiple filter by every grid row
  • Multiple search in grids
  • Adding employees to the testing groups using the predicted probability algorithm
  • Unloading tested groups in Excel

3. Experience

I got an experience with:

  • ExtJS 6.2 frontend library based on JavaScript
  • Laravel 5.3 framework and it's ORM based on PHP
  • Dingo API package for creating RESTful API
  • PHPExcel 1.8 library
  • Composer dependency manager
  • MySQL server 5.7 and DB architecture
  • Apache 2.4 web-server
Test creation page

Project details

Client: Aviashelf

Date: February 09, 2017

The work in the current web-application is as follows. The first thing to do is create a period in the "Periods" tab, which specifies the start date and end date. Then you create a test and in the "Employees" tab you can either add the employee manually, or select using the random selection algorithm.

The next tab "Positions" also allows you to randomly select a position from the list, according to which all employees will have to pass the drug test. In the third tab "Members of the Commission" are selected people who are in the office and are directly monitoring that the results are not falsified.

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