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1. Objective

The subject area is helicopter flights. The Flight service was tasked with organizing remote collaboration at branches, moving away from paper data carriers, and also by constantly forwarding Microsoft Word and Excel files via e-mail. It was decided to create a Corporate Information System (ERP) to solve these problems.

2. Result

Flight company ERP with much functionality:

  • Keeping a lot of documents in digital form with an attached scan copy
  • Timetable creating in Excel format
  • SMS sending
  • Telegram bot integration
  • Generating flight data
  • User actions logging
  • Unloading a lot of flight statistics for customers in Excel format
  • Automatic dispatch of operational flight plan via e-mail and Telegram-bot
  • Data storage of the aircrafts condition, aviation components and their logistics
  • ...and many others

3. Experience

I got an experience with:

  • Koala Framework
  • ExtJS 2.3 frontend library based on JavaScript
  • Zend Framework 1.12 and it's ORM based on PHP
  • MVC pattern
  • PHPExcel 1.8 library
  • Composer dependency manager
  • SMTP protocol for e-mail sending
  • SMPP protocol for SMS sending
  • Telegram bots API
  • Ububtu Server 14.04. Cron jobs, logrotate, files and folders permissions.
  • MySQL server 5.7 and DB architecture
  • Apache 2.4 web-server
Flights page

Employees page (captains, co-pilots, engeneers)

Project details

Client: Aviashelf

Date: Under development

At the moment, "PULSE" ERP is servicing 3 branches of the Airline and in addition to the Flight service (FS) it covers the Engineering and Aviation Service (EAS), the Production Dispatch Department (PDD), the Production Dispatch Service (PDS), the Material and Technical Supply Department (MTSD) and partly Accounting. In the FS, pilots are brought in, all their personal data, documents with scan copies, flight checks and other flight documents. Crew captains themselves make a raid on the types of work that ultimately automatically generates the code for the timetable that can be uploaded to Excel for the accounting department. EAS contributes the personal data of its employees, and these employees are in the system so that they can be selected in the flight task.

The PDS uses the system as an interactive "electronic scoreboard" with a list of all machines and their current operating status: serviceable, faulty, and if faulty, which components are required to be replaced, how much time to replace other components, and more. PDD forms flight tasks, communicating directly with customers, and also maintains an operational plan for all flights - any changes recorded in the database are sent by e-mail and Telegram to internal employees of the Airline and customers. MTSD conducts logistics - which aviation components are in transit and by what number should be delivered. The Telegram connected to the ERP, in addition to automatic data sending, can respond to requests and issues both a general operational plan and the same plan for an employee, and can also display a list of periodic inspections that need to be retried.

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